Ain't Misbehavin'

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Welcome to the on-line home of

Ainít Misbehaviní.


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Take a moment to relax and visit with us for a while!

As you peruse our site, we hope you will rekindle the desire to hold your sweetie close and dance to music written for romance.

Thatís where we can help.

Ainít Misbehaviní    is a dance band.

We are a group of seventeen musicians who like to perform for listening audiences, but absolutely love to perform for dancing audiences.

Our sole mission is to provide music that brings people closer, so we can bask in the happiness that radiates from their faces.

If you want your sweetheart to have one of those radiant faces, call us the next time you feel like dancing.


If youíre dancing, you Ainít Misbehaviní!

Ainít Misbehaviní
297 Crisfield Circle
Alabaster, AL 35007

Phone: (205) 746-2721
Fax: (205) 972-2026